Yet means at this time, or up to now, or at a future time

︎︎︎ Group exhibition at Matca artspace,
event part of Noaptea Alba a Galeriilor, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

22.09.2020 - 19.10.2020

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During this pandemic, we questioned and reframed the way we relate to intimacy during the confinement. We examined our feelings, our intimate spaces, and our innermost intimate fears and thoughts about the past, the actual state of being, and also the unforeseeable future.
This collective exhibition tackles the ways in which we remember, store, configure memories and facts; what we know and how do we process our realities in this new type of collective behavior, intertwined with two worlds: analog and digital. Our stories during this pandemic have found their own new language and sense of identity and the common ground to all of them was empathy and intimacy towards “ I and others”, I and I, I and nature, I and animals, and other endless instances.