︎Five Senses of Intimacy

is an hour-long journey of breathwork with Susy Nana, a certified breathwork facilitator, Bach flower remedy practitioner, and space holder for healing and transformative inner journeys. 

In this workshop, we will explore five senses of intimacy. We will look closer, smell closer, touch softer, hear with awareness and we will definitely enjoy the taste of life.
By exploring intimacy we explore the different layers of ourselves. For many of us, intimacy is connected with sexuality and physical closeness and pleasure, but are we really intimate with ourselves besides the sexual approach?
Intimacy is about awareness, it is about looking closer, actually being closer to ourselves.

21st of July 2020

20:30-21:30 Bucharest time
19:30-20:30 Berlin/Prague time

The session will be held in English.
Please check your time zone before participating in the session.
Follos this link for the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2727983307484021

︎What are we going to do in this breathwork session?

We will get fully intimate with the present moment. We will learn how to bring intimacy into our life in daily situations. We will practice intimate awareness. This will be a journey of exploration of different aspects of ourselves and life itself.


Breathwork is a great practice to work with: releasing energetical and emotional blockages, anxiety, stress, lack of creativity, depression, pain management, relaxation, trauma release, healing process, accessing altered states of consciousness.

︎Who’s gonna guide us through this journey?

Susy Nana will be your breathwork facilitator, a certified breathwork facilitator, Bach flower remedy practitioner, and a space holder for healing and transformative inner journeys and womb base guide. She’s gonna guide us slowly to discover the five senses of intimacy. 
Susy Nana is a certified breathwork facilitator, Bach flower remedy practitioner, and space holder for healing and transformative inner journeys. Susy is deeply interested in body-mind-soul connection and she is using different techniques and healing modalities to bring people closer to themselves. To get in touch with their pure essence. Susy understands that the change is coming from the inside out. As a Bach flower remedy practitioner, she is using a vibrational essence of the wild plants to heal and support emotional processes and create harmony and balance in our inner world. As a breathwork facilitator, she is using the breath as a healing and transformational tool for inner awakening. Susy started her path as a breathwork facilitator based on her own inner healing. In 2019, she successfully finished her training with international school Alchemy of breath, and already during her studies, she was holding breathwork sessions in different parts of Europe. Susy is walking the path of deep remembering the connection with the Earth and the Cosmos, a path of honoring and celebrating life. Susy is holding group and private sessions around Europe. Mainly in Portugal, the Czech Republic, and London. These times Susy is actively holding weekly breathwork sessions online, so in this way, she is offering this journey on a global level.


An event organised by Museum of Intimacy and Awakened Breath (Susy Nana)
Illustration made by Mihai Stoica, do follow his amazing work here: https://www.instagram.com/mihaigeorgestoica/

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us here or at hello@museumofintimacy.com