︎Breathing into intimacy

is an hour-long journey of breathwork with Susy Nana, a certified breathwork facilitator, Bach flower remedy practitioner, and space holder for healing and transformative inner journeys. 

We live interesting and unprecedented times. We are witnessing the emergence of technologies, but also a spiritual renaissance. We are not anymore limited to our particular culture and faiths, because luckily we have access to all the wisdom in the world. Somehow we are in between two worlds, an inner world, and an overexposed world. And we are constantly looking for an answer without realizing that it may be within us. In our body, in our breathing, in our intimacy. In our personal relationship with ourselves.

Therefore, we would like to strip away, with tiny steps, these layers of noise that stay between us and our bodies.

︎Why do we need to breathe into intimacy?

“The first inhale, that moment when you get fully independent to breathe - to live - the breath is with you. It is with you every moment. So close that you don't even notice. Such an intimate partner in your life. Your faithful friend who never let you down. By creating an intimate relationship with your own breath you are deepening an intimate relationship with your own story, with life itself. There is infinite beauty in every single breath. Conscious breathing is a journey under the layers of who you think you are. It's a journey of reconnection.
Meeting the forgotten pieces or yourself. Remembering the pure essence. On this breathwork journey, you will have a chance to see how it is to feel your body fully charged with life energy, how it is to really feel your whole body and how we can use this stage of inner activation for stress relief, moving stuck energy or accessing and releasing emotional blockages. The session will be accompanied by music with a certain dynamic which helps you to go through the peak phase of the session smoothly into a relaxing and spacious part of your experience. You will be gently guided throughout the whole time. Safe space will be created for you, so you can dive fully into this unique experience. At the end of the session, we will honor our journey by a final sharing circle. This will be a time to integrate the whole experience.”

Breathwork is a great practice to work with: releasing energetical and emotional blockages, anxiety, stress, lack of creativity, depression, pain management, relaxation, trauma release, healing process, accessing altered states of consciousness

︎About Susy

Susy Nana is a certified breathwork facilitator, Bach flower remedy practitioner, and space holder for healing and transformative inner journeys. Susy is deeply interested in body-mind-soul connection and she is using different techniques and healing modalities to bring people closer to themselves. To get in touch with their pure essence. Susy understands that the change is coming from the inside out. As a Bach flower remedy practitioner, she is using a vibrational essence of the wild plants to heal and support emotional processes and create harmony and balance in our inner world. As a breathwork facilitator, she is using the breath as a healing and transformational tool for inner awakening. Susy started her path as a breathwork facilitator based on her own inner healing. In 2019, she successfully finished her training with international school Alchemy of breath, and already during her studies, she was holding breathwork sessions in different parts of Europe. Susy is walking the path of deep remembering the connection with the Earth and the Cosmos, a path of honoring and celebrating life.

Susy is holding group and private sessions around Europe. Mainly in Portugal, the Czech Republic, and London. These times Susy is actively holding weekly breathwork sessions online, so in this way, she is offering this journey on a global level.

︎Our experience

“Susy is such an amazing, open, and kind person! I got to know her through a story she wrote about her journey, and I felt such a nice connection with her while reading it! I loved Susy's energy from the first second haha! Then I was very happy to participate in one of her breathwork sessions. I think I already had a good relationship with my breathing, but this new thing I did with her, it was a sort of next-level thing for my body and breathing. She is very good at guiding you really deep into your own being, making you open up and being extremely honest with yourself, your thoughts, and your body, in a very relaxed, pleasant, and joyful way.” Raisa
“I attended one of Susy's breathing sessions and to be honest I didn't know what to expect. But once we started, I felt like the dream began and my body started having its own consciousness and rhythm, things that I wasn't aware of so far. The music, Susy's soothing voice, and her guidance helped me find my way to the deepest feelings and sensations. I can't be grateful enough for this healing journey that I definitely want to repeat and recommend to all of you this amazing intimate journey within yourself.” Manu