We are once more facing a chance for things to change

Andres, 28
︎Berlin, Germany 

“If you are reading this and none of your family or friends were struck by Covid-19, you will most probably make it through this crisis. If you are reading this, you are privileged enough to have the choice of staying at home and helping not to spread the virus.

It has become already clear that lots of people will lose their jobs - many already have. I could be one of those, I wonder how long the gallery which I work for can resist the closure, in a business which is forged under social relations.

However, as simple and straightforward as social distancing and the recommendations by the WHO may seem, they are out of reach for an immense amount of people - people who cannot read this. Poor people who often live with their whole family in a single room, poor people who can barely afford to eat or do not have access to clean water cannot practice social distancing and cannot buy soap, not to mention sanitiser or masks.

If I have suffered since the crisis started, it is because I thought about them. If I was sad, it was because I thought about the families of the victims of this virus. It is remarkable to experience how death - one of the big themes in human life - can paralyse us. There is nothing we can do about it, nothing we can do to stop it.

During these last weeks, I have occasionally also felt something similar to hope. If what I felt was hope is because we are once more facing a chance for things to change. The system which we form part of cannot allow itself to reflect upon these matters. We need more, they need more, “the system needs more to function” is often claimed.

If this crisis can be helpful for anything it will probably be to unveil again the crudeness and obscenity of a system that pushes people to the limits of their own existence. I hope this will change soon.”