︎Universal truths

Bear Grasstone, 54

Intimacy is life giving and essential for the development of a healthy society. In my opinion, a really important foundation of intimacy is no judgment. We can get very confused about intimacy. There are so many nicely put “influencing factors” on who we are and who we become. I think that the most critical issue for each of us as individuals and collectively is to aspire to the high human ideal that doesn’t allow for the judgement of others. I am convinced that this is a really important foundation for intimacy. Building on that, emotional intelligence and sensitivity are extremely relevant . Each of us has control over our words and our actions and we must be careful how we use this power with anyone whom we can influence. The risk is that we can use this power over others to programme them to be something they are not, based on our own world view, without even realising we are doing it. This is control and I believe that no one has the right to control another - it is really wrong, and has to be avoided at all costs. We can get tempted to control others but can never justify it.

So for example we have to be very careful to find appropriate ways to have intimacy between men and women who are not in a romantic relationship. I think we need to find ways to make it happen because it's appropriate, helpful and necessary, but so often intimacy between a man and a woman in a non-romantic relationship gets messed up by those involved or those on the outside looking in. Intimacy between a man and a woman does not need to be sexual. The world sexualises or romanticises this kind of intimacy, so that it is not normal. They imagine if two people are particularly close to each other and have an intimate relationship: understanding, chemistry and good communication, that there must be something sexual going on or could be going on. And that will always be the challenge.

We are so often divided by our differences, but it seems to me that there are some universal truths and human values across all societies: care, love, kindness, which are obvious. But there is one which I picked up recently in some widespread research, by which the majority of those interviewed expressed that cheating in relationships was unacceptable. If you are in a monogamous relationship, cheating is considered to be something that you really shouldn’t do. If this is true then I think we are safe to explore emotional intimacy between us as humans, between man and man, woman and woman, man and woman. I might be judged but I live by the adage that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved!

︎La noi acasa

Ingrid, 20

La noi acasă miroase a fum, a scorțișoară și a tihnă
La noi acasă miroase a bere, a linte și a anxietate
La noi acasă miroase a praf, a agrafe sub canapea, a haine uscate pe calorifer și pe ușă
La noi acasă miroase a buletine pierdute, a ciorbă, a ovăz, a sex, a compoziție și a baroc
La noi acasă miroase a pâine goală și vomă la mahmureală, a pomi veșnic verzi, a scrum, a vopsea și a dezordine
La noi acasă miroase a dans și a nesomn, a haz și a necaz, a râsu-plânsu, a bețișoare parfumate pe zile, a elefanți și a cumpărături
La noi acasă miroase a chiloți străini după calorifer, a parfum de cameră, a adulter și a periuțe de dinți
La noi acasă miroase a București, a covrigi și a dulce, a furt, a artă și a prostie
La noi acasă miroase a chiul, a integrame, a bonuri, a vase nespălate, a chec cu banane și a apă micelară
La noi acasă miroase a stres, a lumină roșie, a oglinzi, a mâini, a nume de hamsteri și a afișe
La noi acasă miroase a liste de cumpărături, a vijelie, a mârlănie, a vanilie și a hazard

︎Universal truths

Bear Grasstone, 54

Intimacy is life giving and essential for the development of a healthy society. In my opinion, a really important foundation of intimacy is no judgment. [...]

︎Intimacy with 10000 things

Anya, 34
Yoga in English - Berlin, Germany

It is said that in early Chinese Zen literature, the word 'awakening' was used interchangeably with 'intimacy'. We often think of intimacy as connecting with another person, but this ancient practice shows the path to intimacy with all of life. ⁣[...]


Raluca, 21

în varful degetelor calc prin mine
gânduri trag de mine
să le uzez trăind
îmi simt pereții labirinturilor interne
cum pulsionează aritmic
simțurile-mi sunt naive
își caută un sens
mă scufund în orizontalitate [...]

︎I fear a man of frugal speech // Jeg frykter en mann av nøysom tale

Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen
32, Norway

“A tool with many tools” as described from Aristotle; the hand is a tool for grasping, taking, pushing, pulling, pinching, pressing, pointing, fumbling, crushing, smashing, itching, stroking, caressing, throwing, drumming, lifting. There are more verbs for the movement of the hand than for any other movement. [...]”

︎Cea mai bună notificare

Lucian Brad, 24, Iasi
Fotografie: Ami Vornicu, 25, Iasi

︎Pielea Liviei

Orsolya, 28
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“Ne-am cunoscut prin februarie. Mi-a zis de la bun început că are o relație, dar Livia este de acord ca el să se mai vadă și cu alte fete – despre care vorbea cu termenul de „iubitele mele”; odată când ne certam chiar a zis: „Este decizia ta dacă vrei sau nu să faci parte din galaxia iubitelor mele”. [...]”

︎Un loc părăsit

Dan Coman, 44
Bistrița, România

“Intimitatea e o chestiune
care ţine de tehnică
așa că desprinde-te
şi mergi singur printre
Zîmbeşte, lasă umbra să
se lungească la dreapta

︎Life in a caravan


“This was the beginning of our story. Magical Love. Our relationship was like an expansion of all the good feelings. This was meant to be. We were searching for each other in these interconnected Universes until we met..”

︎Truly present


“I’ve learned that I can have moments of true connection and intimacy with almost anyone. For me, these moments come when I’m most at peace with myself and present, truly present, in whatever is happening in that moment. It’s a difficult thing to do and I cherish it very much when it happens, even if it’s just for a few seconds.”

︎Clumsy around intimacy

Cristina, 30

“I’m clumsy around intimacy,
it follows me, like a hungry cat
at the door, tripping my every step
always too soon
for trust, or secrets, or reveals,
for seeing, touching, kissing
the scars
the anger at someone betraying you”

︎At home

Bucharest, Romania

“Intimacy is not just our relationship with people. It is also our way of relating to objects, places, books, images, tastes and smells, a reflection of our desperate need to feel “at home”.

︎Darkness and silence

Gabriela, 25

“Someone once asked me what I was most afraid of. I said stairs and death. But with time I’ve stopped taking the elevator and started climbing those damn stairs, even if my legs were shaking. I’ve started to believe that we are all just energies that will come back in a different form, so the dying part didn’t look so scary either. But when I’m alone in the shower, and the water runs faster than my heartbeats, I know it’s love, the one that I’m the most afraid of, that terrifies me, that hits me in the chest so bad that I can hardly breathe. The love that I’m missing.

︎Some love is not to be forgotten

May, 31

︎Pure ecstasy


“There had been many lovers before.
Those who came and gave me their version of what loved looked like, which I accepted no matter how tainted it looked. You have the young ones that are pure lust since you don’t quite understand what relationships are just yet. I considered them the practice..

︎My house

Cristina, 30

“I panic at the thought
of sharing my house with someone
(my bed, my books,
my cat)
of him finding out I’m not as
smart or pretty or tidy
as he thought,
of him not liking the way I
smell in the morning,
my crooked nose
my unshaved legs
my too long getting ready
the perfume I bought myself when I turned 30.
and then one morning, as I wake up,
there they are,
in bitter autumn light:
my house, my bed, my books,
my cat.”

︎Emotional distance

Antonius, 37

“My father – a stern man. There was a great emotional distance to reach him or for him to reach me. He found greater satisfaction in work than in family. Nonetheless there were those rare moments in the evening, in which he’d loosen – cold problem-solving analysis broke away to something warmer, more expressive, some would say more human.”

︎O invingatoare

Andra, 27

“Sunt mandra de poza asta pentru ca este o expresie a biruintei asupra depresiei.