Tiphaine, 26
︎Barcelona, Spain

“I am at the moment living in Barcelona, in a flat with my girlfriend and a friend. We can not go outside because the police will fine us. The situation that we are living in is somewhere between amazing and stressful for me. Stressful because it is hard to be closed in a flat with nothing to do, break our routine, being preoccupied with our people, grandmothers, grandfathers, etc. But it is also amazing because we can reconnect with values and realize how grateful we are for what we can do in our daily life: go to work, speak with people, take the metro, walk, hear the noise of the city life. It is exciting to have that much time and see how we react, I am watching myself and observing my own reactions: I paint, I have conversations with my roommates, I practice patience, I am trying to understand more and give everyone space and the respect they need. Also, I am happy that I can connect more with my friends on the phone. “