The story

You walk down the street and sink in your thoughts, you don’t notice what is around you, until… you see a phrase/ a word written on a wall. The phrase that goes deep to your core appears right in front of you. It is remarkable how a simple phrase written in simple handwriting can be so significant. How it can answer your question, how it can change the way you think. Because it is more than just a phrase written on a piece of paper. It is a story in simple words with complex meaning. The story is so massive and colorful it becomes so much bigger than you and I.

My art is a thought out of the context left on the streets, where everyone can pick it up. 
I leave my words in plain sight. Not everybody notices them, but some people do — those, who need it right at that moment. It always appears at the right time. It is a mood, it is a state so abstract until a passer-by gives it a certain meaning.
The passer-by is a storyteller.

What I do is simple — simple words, simple lines about simple things, connections, flows, love, path, movement, about roads that always bring us somewhere. About coincidental encounters that connect us with Eternity.  I share my simple truth, my love, light, written with acrylic marker on a piece of paper pasted up on a wall of a building you probably pass by every day, and one day... you notice.


Pati, 28, Uzbekistan
March 2020