The first months of Spring

Michael, 29
︎Barcelona, Spain

I'll admit I feel somewhat guilty for not suffering this isolation period nearly as much as I think some other people are. Having accepted many years ago that I'm a natural introvert, I've gotten used to finding distraction in my own thoughts, to the point of not needing much social interaction at all to enjoy my time. That, of course, doesn't mean that I don't miss seeing my friends in person, hugging and sharing a few beers with them, it just means I can find other ways to fill in that void. And yet, there are many things I do miss a lot about what we used to call our “daily lives”.

I feel like by staying indoors most of the time and, in my case, doing so in a rather claustrophobic space, I'm missing the passing of time, the arrival of Spring and the sun on my skin. I'm missing riding my bike till I can barely feel my legs, having a crush on some random passerby almost daily, and that isolated yellow mimosa tree I looked forward to seeing every day I took the train on my way to uni.

One day all this will be over and we'll hug and laugh, and drink, and dance, and be jolly again. And we'll surely remember that all those things could be lost again and we'll value them more than we ever have. And yet something I know we will never get back is this particular moment in time, the first months of Spring of 2020, so to make up for it I'm learning to rejoice in the act of looking out the window and see the flowers blooming.