Same dream space

“it has only been one morning but i like chicago/I took public transit into work/ i feel the most connected to a city that way/ new or old
watching people on the train
how they move with this disdain but polite courtesy for each other's space while being all jammed together like sardines without the odor/ they smelled of a different type of a perfume/ washed hair and sleepy eyes / all connected in a strange human way while looking like fish/ I almost laughed out loud imagining us all under water/
makes me laugh to see strangers sitting next to- in front of- or near each other sleeping/ it's a strange distant but oddly close thing/ strangers being intimate sharing the same dream space without ever saying a thing or knowing each other’s names/ so close without knowing any intimate details of one another/
As if it was the city's version of a one night stand in the day time/ instead of two ships passing in the night they became two trains passing in the day with different colored route lines and destinations/
I watched as they stay standing with eyes closed holding strap hangers to keep from falling or sitting closely in seats not by choice but by necessity/ slightly touching shoulders/sweet unspoken sexuality”

May, 31
Arizona, Texas
Ianuarie 2020