Question our daily manners of consumption

Michi, 30
︎Nuremberg, Germany


Given the current situation, we all have to deal with a new way of life that is very restricted and not free. Even though (or maybe because?), there is a fear of social and economical crisis, there are a lot of things to experience and to learn and by changing our perspective, this time can be seen as a chance as well.

Firstly, I want to recognize my privileged position as I am single and I live in a flat. I have no kids - I can pretty much just continue to care for myself like I usually do and because of my flatmate, I don’t give up my analogous social interaction to the full extent like others have to.
Still, some things create tension inside. Predominantly my high tendency to touch others and to give hugs is something I miss, especially when I see my parents when I go grocery shopping for them. They could use a big hug, as my mum particularly is very stressed with the non-stop medial coverage. As it seems, there will be no hugs for a while and this is frustrating.

It feels like the distance is getting bigger on the one hand and relationships become more close on the other: I send and receive messages all day now. I got some digital hugs by people I have not heard for a while, which was especially heartwarming. I think we can show our strength as a people, to be in love and to be unified. It’s a strong drive in most of us to care for each other and thanks to digital technology it is possible to do so without even spreading the infections.

Asides this digital life I have decided to re-design my thoughts and behaviour to cushion the effects of quarantine. I meditate, I read, I write, I cook, I share and I still laugh. In the last days, I see very strong how my sheltered western life is very fragile. Appreciating the fragility makes me experience the immense beauty of living and can maybe even help to transform faster into a future with perspectives for more people on this planet and our environment.

I want to invite all the people that have some more time now to think about our real needs. 


We need to reduce our materialistic needs and this is why this special time can be helpful to question our daily manners of consumption and to ask: What is vital to me? And what is not?

I wish some of us will take a little time to think about how your individual contribution can help our all-cause. We need collective wisdom and participation. Bottom-up, baby ;)

Take care for you and your community and please: don’t pan(dem)ic!