Pure ecstasy

“There had been many lovers before.
Those who came and gave me their version of what loved looked like, which I accepted no matter how tainted it looked.
You have the young ones that are pure lust since you don’t quite understand what relationships are just yet. I considered them the practice. They helped me form the picture. You had the ones who taught me what I cannot accept. The one who came and tore through me like a never-ending tornado. He leaves with only a trace of the rubble for me to clean up and rebuild. Then comes one who showed me exactly the love I deserve but yet I somehow didn’t add up to his higher set of standards. Perfection was the key with that one. Which I certainly am not. So I lovingly thank him and set off on a new path. And that’s when he showed up. The one who comes in and speaks your language fluently without even knowing. When he speaks all you want to do is listen and learn from the wisdom that flows from the same lips that leave chills down your spin. The eyes that stare so deep that no emotion can stay hidden. You crave their mind before you crave their body. But when the two meet, it’s pure ecstasy. You want to collapse because of what if. But all you do is lean on harder. You see the flaws and meet them with peace and understanding. With no effort or second thought. Their embrace can wash away any day that was less than great. In that very moment you ask is this home?”

April 2019