Navigating feelings in relationships

“I've been looking through my past feelings in relationships and how much growth has been made from these connections. The ability to love someone, beyond a platonic nature is something that escaped me for a year. A lot of desire can be covered up with politeness and respect for the situation, yet I wonder how to be romantic again. I shut my heart away. I know how to love my friends and family, but the concept of being intimate with someone is so unknown to me now.
I fell in love a while back, nearly moved for love. And something happened in me that made me incapable of ever being able to foresee another relationship with anyone. My romantic heart is closed, but I don't want to feel this way. I want to love again. I need to be open for this. Navigating feelings in relationships is very difficult in this environment. I'm actually beginning to think that it is impossible. I would love to feel in love again.”

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Alexsandra Norton
Berlin, Germany
September 2019