Max, 30
︎Rome, Italy 

“Here are my two cents on how the coronavirus – or more specifically, the measure deployed to contain it, that is, a strict forced quarantine – has influenced my personal space.
I am probably starting off topic here – but never mind, this is going to make my point later on.
My very first thought about this is the introversion/extraversion division.

I once read an article explaining that the main difference between these types of characters is whether you get your energy recharged or drained when you have people around. I suspect this definition to be against the common belief. I read it at a time when I thought I was an introvert, because that’s a way people would describe me, probably I was very shy.
Ever since I read it, I’ve been paying attention about my energy level depending on my social activity at a given time. This demarcation is, IMO, very accurate. All right, I do get exhausted if I’m surrounded by people 24/7, but my personal experience confirmed that being isolated didn’t make me feel good. So, yeah, as Aristotle put it, Man is by nature a social animal, and I am too.
You see now where this is going.

Very recently, before that coronathing happened –it feels ages ago, but it was just last month - I badly sprained my ankle and had to stay home all alone for three weeks. I started to crave human interactions and this coronavirus quarantine is just making this isolation period last longer.

Again, I usually like to spend some days all alone to make silence and space around me. I’d say, once a week, or at least every other week. But I wouldn’t say that being put in a forced quarantine is an experience that allows me to reconnect with myself or something. If I was allowed to go scamper around the countryside, that would surely be a different story. But all public parks have been closed to the public as of today. And disobeying this rule is subject to sanctions, as is going out of your place for any other reason than buying food or medicine.

This may sound as though I was complaining, but this is not. I am taking on this challenge to be happy solely with my inner thoughts, my books, ukulele and Netflix.

From Rome, with love”