︎I’ll Make Love for Three Days

Francesca, 26
Rome, Italy

When everything will be over I will make love for three days with someone I like. I will cycle around Rome, in my best clothes, blasting music. I will put on the short black dress, the one that leaves my back uncovered and makes me feel beautiful and confident. I will dart along the Prenestina all the way to the Fort, standing on my bike, with the wind drying the sweat of the last hours of a summer day. I will cut through the warm, sticky air with my body and the whole time I will be laughing to the universe. All together we will sing and dance and laugh and drink and jump and hug, with strangers without running into any danger.

When everything will be over it will be clear to everyone that we can never be left alone again, that the only possible future is one that looks at everyone in the same way without leaving anyone behind. It will be clear to everyone how much has been lost, why it has been lost and who has lost the most.  Everyone will oppose with joyful and combative energy to any decision that could lead to a repetition of tragedies such as the one just passed.

When everything will be over we will spend the nights in squares with a Peroni in hand, singing together, touching and holding each other without ever wanting to let go