Kindness-based heating system

“I think, ever since I was a child, that all types of relationships I build with people should be very special. I always had and still have a certain image in my head when I think of this: two people take bricks and put them together in order to build a house. The thing is that when they choose the bricks, they pay attention to their size, weight, and colors. If they do it right, then they will be able to finish the house and they will be happy inside. If one time, one picks a smaller brick and the other one a bigger one, the house might not stand, perhaps it will fall, but if they communicate with each other, then they will balance it somehow until the end. If they just put some random bricks, without being aware of their actions, the house will fell for sure. Sometimes these houses are abandoned so quickly, never finished. Some of them are funny-weird looking houses because of all the fixings they received, but they are still very good and strong houses. They all keep so many moments and ideas, they reflect the connection between their builders, the intimacy they experienced in all that sweat and heavy work, in all kinds of weather, in all kinds of situations.
Maybe relationships could be called “emotional houses”, with layers of communication instead of floors of grey cement, with honesty rooms, and trust living room, with self-love kitchen islands, and good quality kindness-based heating system. Maybe I can also say that they should not have fear ovens, because they only bake jealousy and other unhealthy meals.”

text & image:
Raisa, 25
Romania & Germany
May 2019


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