Museum of Intimacy is a museum of life. It values self-acceptance, emotional transparency, personal and mutual growth, fruitful relationships. It exhibits a living collection of true intimate stories, thoughts, vulnerabilities, and more. Our artists are extraordinary ordinary people from all over the world. Become one and share a spark of intimacy!


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stories and thoughts on intimacy,
submitted from people all over the world


︎Embracing silence

Alexandru Rusu, 27
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“Intimacy emerges when we embrace silence together. We no longer feel the need to say who we are. We already are.”  ︎Read More

︎Life in a Caravan


“This was the beginning of our story. Magical Love. Our relationship was like an expansion of all the good feelings. This was meant to be. We were searching for each other in these interconnected Universes until we met..” ︎Read More

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Museum of Intimacy

What are your thoughts on intimacy? What does it mean for you to be connected with yourself and with the others?


a collection of stories on how
physical distancing and isolation due to the
pandemic impact the relationships
with ourselves and with others


︎My Default Mode Network
in Times of Self-Isolation

Elena, 33, Bucharest, Romania

“Some days are harder, some days are easier, some nights are stranger, some mornings are more hopeful. They all smell of disinfectant, incense sticks and food simmering in the oven. They are all devoid of enthusiasm or despair. They oscillate between strategic small chores and the Default Mode Network..” ︎Read More

︎Future Impossibilities

Katerina Matijevic, 25, Venice, Italy

“I wish to everyone whose time has seen a reduction of pace to reflect on what can be changed in order to gain a new form of wellbeing, whether it’s something whithin oneself or an outside improvement. I believe that we’ve been given a unique opportunity that we should all collectively seize..” ︎Read More

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Rethinking Intimacy during a Pandemic