︎I fear a man of frugal speech // Jeg frykter en mann av nøysom tale

Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen
32, Norway

“A tool with many tools” as described from Aristotle; the hand is a tool for grasping, taking, pushing, pulling, pinching, pressing, pointing, fumbling, crushing, smashing, itching, stroking, caressing, throwing, drumming, lifting. There are more verbs for the movement of the hand than for any other movement. The hand is the diligent servant of the brain. It has numerous skills; it speaks, acts, and knows. The hand has a special relationship with the brain; one grabs and grasps. A touch, or touching, can activate areas of our brain, thus influencing our thought processes, reactions, and psychological responses. The hand is also expressive and enables us to gesture so that we can express thoughts and feelings. 
The development of the hand starts early in the fetal stage. 
A large amount of nerves in the fingertips make the hand one of the most sensitive parts of human anatomy.
When a young child holds one of the parents in hand, there is security, comfort, and leadership.
Hands can be deeply personal, each unique in its kind. Hands are honest, you cannot hide from what they speak. Scars, wrinkles, spots, cuts, burns, an unconscious movement, unique handwriting, fingerprints, DNA.
Our hands have never been more observant of others then now as if the hand is somewhat a collective symbol and a source for wrongdoing. In parallel, we yearn to express ourselves, for social stimuli, the tactile, and for intimacy.
Coming from a biographical approach in this ongoing project, I want to look closer at what psychological effects isolation has on the human mind. Since the age of 17, I’ve self-isolated on and off. In adulthood diagnosed with «Avoidant Personality Disorder», my life is not that different now as it was before COVID-19. Having a long-time fascination with hands, I have collected imagery of my own hands over the past ten years and cropped them together, analog, and digital, with photos from recent events and prior. The prior events shown could just as easily illustrate the now, instead what has later been evident is how they reflect my life in general. Hands symbolize, to me, everything, and nothing; a longing for intimacy and a desire for expressing what I cannot.