︎Defense Mechanism

T, 30
Berlin, Germany

Nowadays it is getting even harder to get intimate with someone. As you age and experience different levels of disappointment in building relationships with other people you start being more careful with who you become vulnerable to. I can tell that somehow my defense mechanism is to repress the building of intimacy and that I know is not healthy at all. I focus more on friends and sharing close intimate moments with them than with "strangers" or potential lovers.

So did the current outbreak across Europe affected me in this regard? I would say not as much as you would think. It slowed down my day to day human interactions that's for sure but nothing too catastrophic yet. During these times we are experiencing the most frightening thing for most of us, to be dealing and managing ourselves without the normal distractions and escapism. I think with or without social distancing we should be compassionate and more careful with each other.