Amman, Jordan

We met at a really weird time when I was only 5. It was my older sister’s idea to have you in our home. Every day I walked by you as you sat quietly in our living room by the window listening to the chirping of the birds. At that time I did not give you much attention, and it took a while to notice you, 24 years to be exact, but you definitely noticed me.

When we met again all those years later you took me into your arms and re-introduced me to the feeling of touch - a feeling I craved. You took my hand and guided it across your keys. I noticed how sensitive you are because you made different sounds when I touched different spots. I ask of you to be patient with me as I am still learning where to touch you and how.

Those 24 years have been a ride, do you have any idea what I went through? Despite all this time you kept to yourself until that one day in fall of 2018, where I moved back to be with you. You knew it all along didn't you?

How did it never occur to me that what I needed at this very moment is in my own home, right under my nose? I am not sorry it took me all this time to notice you, because I had to go through all what life has to offer - from adulthood and heartbreak to existential dread; from the death of family members to the loss of friends, for me to climb onto your chair.


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