Founded in December 2018 by Manuela Dospina and Raisa Hagiu, Museum of Intimacy is a museum of life. It values self acceptance, emotional transparency, personal and mutual growth, fruitful relationships. It exhibits a living collection of true intimate stories, thoughts, vulnerabilities, and more. Our artists are extraordinary ordinary people from all over the world. Become one and share a spark of intimacy!

Our mission is to create a community in which we can understand better who we are, at our own pace, through exercises of empathy and shared vulnerable experiences.


︎Dilema Veche
À la virus...
Intimitatea în vremea pandemiei: „Suntem mai apropiati decat am fost vreodata”
by Cristina Ştefan

︎Turnul Sfatului
O sibianca deschide primul Muzeu al Intimitatii din Romania
by Denisa Laicauf

Un tur ghidat in proiectul virtual care pune povestile personale pe primul loc
by Emilia Barbu

︎Scena 9
Muzeul care te cuprinde
by Venera Dimulescu

︎Ioana Birdu
A visit at the Museum of Intimacy
by Ioana Birbu

Museum of Intimacy. Intre terapie si joc al amintirilor
by Lucian Talpes