I do a lot of interviews with people talking about their own bodies because I have had many conflicts with my body since I was a kid. I didn’t like it and I couldn’t accept it. That's why I started working as a nude model for paintings, I wanted to see myself in the eyes of other people, it was one of the few steps of my acceptance. Of course, all people have complexes about their bodies, it’s always about how we look and how society is performing the body. Having this project, it’s a healing process for myself and others. I remember a girl who told me that she never felt the parts of her body that she didn’t like. After having that conversation with her, I’ve realised that I think too much about my body and all my energy goes in my head, in my thoughts, which is a real disconnection between my consciousness and my body. It’s all about letting go of that energy that constantly thinks.
The project I do is not on the internet.
In the future, I would like to have 100 interviews with my queer friends, cis people, old people, and people with dysfunctionalities talking about it.
So far, it’s just a pure catharsis for me sharing and opening up to these people and realising in the end, they talk to themselves and not to me, especially when they forget about the camera recording.
Accepting me began working with my body, creatively. I realised that my body is the only thing I have and why I need to take care and stay healthy. It’s like a holy place, like a house, where you take your shoes off and start decorating. Maybe you could put some beautiful things on it and hang some pretty lights on the walls. Yeah, that’s why I also do tattoos. It’s about appreciating you and seeing your body in the most beautiful light.”

extract from a conversation with
Flavia Canapa, 29
October 2019