Museum of Intimacy is a museum of life. It values self-acceptance, emotional transparency, personal and mutual growth, fruitful relationships. It exhibits a living collection of true intimate stories, thoughts, vulnerabilities, and more. Our artists are extraordinary ordinary people from all over the world. Become one and share a spark of intimacy!


stories and thoughts on intimacy,
submitted from people all over the world


︎Universal Truths

Bear Grasstone, 54

“Intimacy is life giving and essential for the development of a healthy society. In my opinion, a really important foundation of intimacy is no judgment..”

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︎Life in a Caravan

Susy - Portugal

“This was the beginning of our story. Magical Love. Our relationship was like an expansion of all the good feelings. This was meant to be. We were searching for each other in these interconnected Universes until we met..” ︎Read More

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Museum of Intimacy

Sunday Sam 

philosophical self-expressions with Sam
on relationships, love and gender



 revealing a new chapter
and looking for more team members


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What are your thoughts on intimacy? What does it mean for you to be connected with yourself and with the others?