Museum of Intimacy is a museum of life. It values self-acceptance, emotional transparency, personal and mutual growth, fruitful relationships. It exhibits a living collection of true intimate stories, thoughts, vulnerabilities, and more. Our artists are extraordinary ordinary people from all over the world. Become one and share a spark of intimacy!


stories and thoughts on intimacy,
submitted from people all over the world


︎Connected with Intimacy

Mia - Berlin

Intimacy is not a trauma bond. Intimacy is not oversharing. Neither are intimate for me or the person who receives/reciprocates/reveals in the first place. Being intimate with myself is knowing with whom to share myself. 

Original text from the online magazine Great Sex Worker Writings.

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︎Life in a Caravan

Susy - Portugal

“This was the beginning of our story. Magical Love. Our relationship was like an expansion of all the good feelings. This was meant to be. We were searching for each other in these interconnected Universes until we met..” ︎Read More

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Museum of Intimacy


 revealing a new chapter
and looking for more team members


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What are your thoughts on intimacy? What does it mean for you to be connected with yourself and with the others?



︎Reality Check

Workshop & Online Exhibition
February - June 2020

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn't understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.” Marcel Proust


Ioana Hanchevici, teacher at “Gheorghe Șincai” National College in Cluj-Napoca, invited us to create workshops on emotional intimacy, knowledge, responsibility, and acceptance, with her 11th grade students. This exhibition is the outcome of six beautiful weeks of working together with them.. ︎Read More

︎Rethinking Intimacy

A collection of stories on intimacy during the pandemic

Spring 2020 found us in the middle of a pandemic,
so we are curious about how social distancing and isolation impact the relationships with ourselves and with others. We collect stories on how things changed in our lives, how the external global situation impacted our internal world.. ︎Read More

︎On Air At Home

Radio Alhara
April & May 2020

We created three episodes that went on air at Radio Alhara راديو الحارة, a communal radio station which began in Bethlehem and Ramallah, and later extended to other places in Palestine and throughout the world. If you missed the shows live, you can still listen to them here!


while the pandemic

We all know how serious the situation is everywhere in the world with the Coronavirus and how each of us is trying to do their best to keep a mental and physical state above the line. Perhaps there is a lesson in this for everyone in particular, and for us, as part of the community. Learning to keep calm, not to get angry with each other, being responsible for our actions and respecting each other's intimate space are more important than anything else at this very moment.

So, as we are taking this lesson for us, we would like to invite you as well to more introspection, more communication (via phone, e-mail, video) and more time with yourselves.
At this moment, it is the only way of having and maintaining healthy relationships - by taking the good from something unpleasant and unexpected.


to the podcast “Episode 12: How to be Alone by “This is Love”, about a man who moved to an abandoned mining town for more than 40 years and who seems actually not missing anything and being very happy and at peace with his books and movies


theses studies on how emotional training reduces negative emotional behavior.


a short documentary on Aeon, about the school, imagined as a summer hill, by Alexander Neill, in the 60s, a school where children can be free and learn what they want to learn and play when they want to play and make their own rules of living, moreover, Neill argues that education in schools doesn’t mean only learning math or history, but also learning about yourself and your emotions. Whether it’s still a controversy, there are private schools that are still operating by his theory


more about emotionas on the atlas of emotions and reflect on how to cultivate global compassion

︎Be responsible

when discarding single-use plastic surgical masks, dispose of them properly

︎Five Senses of Intimacy

Breathwork Session
21st of July 2020

In this workshop, we will explore five senses of intimacy. We will look closer, smell closer, touch softer, hear with awareness and we will definitely enjoy the taste of life.
By exploring intimacy we explore the different layers of ourselves. For many of us, intimacy is connected with sexuality and physical closeness and pleasure, but are we really intimate with ourselves besides the sexual approach?
Intimacy is about awareness, it is about looking closer, actually being closer to ourselves.

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︎Breathing into Intimacy

Breathwork Session
24th of May 2020

We hosted an hour-long journey of breathwork with Susy Nana, a certified breathwork facilitator, Bach flower remedy practitioner, and space holder for healing and transformative inner journeys.
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︎Dear Objects

Open Call

We believe that the objects that we collect around us carry tremendous personal value, an intimate heritage of who we are and that is why we believe writing about them can be an exciting exercise of identity and intimacy.. ︎Read More

︎Museum of Intimacy - exhibition

White Cuib Gallery
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
July - August 2019

︎Street Delivery Bacau 2019